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The Watcher(2000)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



 Keanu Reeves really needs some acting lessons. I didn't mind him in the Matrix or The Gift but man was he awful in the Watcher! I guess that's what happens when he actually has alot of lines in  a movie. And who the hell is James Spader? He's the main star in the film and he isn't too great himself.

 Spader plays a retired FBI agent who moves to Chicago and soon realizes that he has been followed by Reeves who plays a serial killer who likes to send the FBI clues about who he is about to murder. Spader already had one failed attempt at arresting  Reeves prior which ended in the accidental death of someone close to him. Now he is coming out of retirement and is on a mission to once and for all stop Reeves killing spree!

 Everytime Reeves' character is about to murder a young lady he sends a picture of his soon to be  victim to the FBI and tells them that they have until 9PM that day to find the girl before he kills them. Of course the FBI can never figure out who the girls in the pictures are until it's too late and of Reeves always gets away without a trace. Sounds stupid I know! of course the last girl Reeves tries to kill is someone once again close to Spader. It's his doctor(Psychologist) and she's a real looker! Of course you know Spader gets there at the  very last minute and stops Reeves before he can kill her and then ends Keanu's killing spree.  Didn't see that coming.

 No suspense, no scares! No acting ability by anyone and what is up with no nudity in a movie  called the Watcher??? Maybe Keanu's character was gay or something?!!? What's a stalker movie with no T&A??? We need that classic peeping through the blinds scene! We demand it damnit!

Henry's  Comments

  "I need a vacation from this shit watching! Ironic having an unwatchable movie called the Watcher!"

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