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What Lies Beneath(2000)

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Starring Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer. Man what a babe  Michelle Pfeiffer is! She's older but damn she looks good!  Pfeiffer and Ford play a married couple in this edge of your seat thriller. The man of the house has a deadly secret to keep from his wife but the  spirit of his victim plans on exposing what he has done.

There's nothing new here but damn this movie does a good job of taking old ideas and making them seem fresh. The level of suspense is high. Although  the movie is predictable, I still found myself waiting to see what happens next.  Michelle Pfeiffer's acting is top notch. She plays the haunted victim very well.  Ford is Ford, always solid. The movie doesn't offer a huge cast but those who are there  all do a very good job. The best way to sum of the mood of the film is with the word, spooky! I watched it in the theatre originally last summer and rented it once again last Winter. Both times I watched I was still taken in by it's mood and ability to keep me glued to the screen.

The movie moved a bit slow in the beginning and throughout the middle but the last third of this film is pure thriller. I'm not one to scare easy, What Lies Beneath made me jump several  times during the movie's duration.

Of course everyone remembers the infamous Psycho shower scene but I think we can easily add What Lies Beneath's bath tub scene as a classic moment in thriller/horror as well. It's not often a movie implants a scene in our heads like What Lies Beneath does. The last  time a scene from a thriller/horror movie stuck in my head for more then 1 hour would have  to be the ending of Blair Wicth Project until I saw What Lies Beneath.

Solid cast, solid story(although it's nothing new), solid scares... It all adds  up to one fun movie to watch with a few people who can't handle suspense!

Turn the lights low, hit play and discover what lies beneath!

Henry's Comments

 "I'm never taking a bath again! Alone anyway."