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Zombie Chronicles 3-D(2001)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



"Zombies, Zombies and more Zombies..."

Wow! 3-D Zombies slaughtering people in the pure daylight! Gotta love it!  A reporter named Tara Woodley sets out to do some ghost stories on a small town which she can't seem to find until she runs into a strange old man named Ebenezer Jackson who shows her the way and throws in a couple of ghost stories of his own for her research.

Basically the movie is broken into 3 parts. The main story of Tara and Ebenezer and 2 other side plots which are stories told by Ebenezer.

The first tale consists of a couple who's car breaks down along an old road. The husband is a Drill Sergeant and as he is looking for help, he stumbles upon the grave of a former soldier who he killed by working too hard. Guess what happens??? Let's just say the soldier gets a little revenge Zombie Style!

The second story is one of 3 campers who piss off(or piss on I should say) some graves of a family and well  they raise from the dead and kick their disrespectful asses... also Zombie Style!

Then of course we have the main story of Tara and Ebenezer. After Ebenezer tells Tara his stories he disappears  and next thing you know Tara has found herself surrounded by Zombies!

Hahaha... Ok so the plot isn't too deep and the acting is awful but the 3-D effects and gore are top notch! Damn I was  impressed! The 3/5 lobster rating is basically built on the 3-D and the gore. If you're looking for something  different get the 3-D kit and check out Zombie Chronicles by clicking on the title or image.

Henry's Comments

 "All it needed for some 3-D titty shots! Come to Henry!"