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Zombie Holocaust(1980)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :


“Not for the faint-hearted...”

Ok so movie starts in a Medical Centre in New York City, dead bodies used for educational purpose are suddenly being found partially mutilated.  Turns out that for some reason, not explained, a tribal member of an island/Tribe named Kito has been dabbling in a little cannibalism at the hospital. Once exposed, he jumps out a nearby window. After falling to his death he clearly has a tribe marking on his chest for Kito. The Kito Tribe are explained to us to be still living in the stones ages, practice cannibalism on the Island of Kito and have no interest in becoming civilized.  So why one of them if working at a Research Hospital is New York doesn’t quite fit the Kito profile... I could buy one of them working at Taco Bell half way across the globe from their island, but in a New York Hospital... nah!

A smoking hot researcher named Lori, who works at the hospital(and happens to know a bit about the Kito’s, anthropology is her second love) is invited by one of her associates Dr Chandler to travel to Kito to uncover more about the tribe.  Their contact in the Kito region, Dr Obrero, has a secret on Kito that he doesn’t want Lori and Chandler to find out about - he is bringing back the dead by putting live brains in them. Obrero plans to send his guests to the wrong island but his plan is foiled when their boat has engine trouble and has to go to the closest island, that being Kito. Cannibalistic mayhem and horribly dressed “Zombies” madness ensue - with no real point or direction!

Alright so if you are looking for some good gore, you have come to the right place.  There’s a couple chests cut open, a stomach or two with loads of guts, some mutilation, a decapatated head, machete to the head and maybe my all time face - someone gets their face/head ripped apart by a motorboat engine used as a weapon. But overall the movie is pretty terrible, it’s maybe 78 minutes not including the credits. Feels like someone just sort of thought it up while Bath Salts under a bridge in Nova Scotia.

    Also, I gotta mention the lovely Lori chick once again... I have seen her in a couple of these Italian horror flicks.  Her real life name is Alexandra Delli Colli, we get treated to a couple full nude scenes and alot of her just looking like a seductive million bucks! For as awful as this movie is, seeing her somehow makes it better... and the good gore too. You will never look at a motorboat engine the same way again either!!!

Watch for the scene where the cannibal Kito guy jumps out of the hospital window - you can clearly see the “dummy” lose it’s arm when it hits the ground but body in tact on post fall shot. 

Henry's Comments

 "Chandler gives motorboating a whole new meaning. Itstead of pleasing Lori with his italian dubbed over lips, he improvises for not having a weapon and creates possibly the greatest zombie kill ever witnessed on film. Plug it in!  I mean Pull the chord!"