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Horror Movies That Suck!!!

[28 Days Later]
[28 Weeks Later]
[30 Days of Night]
[A Crack in the Floor]
[American Psycho]
[American Psycho 2]
[Amityville Dollhouse]
[The Birds]
[Black Roses]
[Blade 2]
[Blair Witch 2]
[Blair Witch Project]
[Bless the Child]
[Blob, The]
[Blob 58, The]
[Blood Dolls]
[Bride of Chucky]
[Cabin by the Lake]
[Camp Blood 3D]
[The Cell]
[Cemetery Man]
[Cherry Falls]
[Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town]
[Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things]
[Children of the Corn]
[Children of the Corn 2]
[Children of the Corn 7]
[Children of the Living Dead]
[Collapsed, The]
[Dawn of the Dead]
[Day of the Dead]
[Dead Alive]
[Dead Birds]
[Dead Hate the Living, The]
[Deep Blue Sea]
[Deadly Invasion]
[Deadly Dreams]
[Def Con 4]
[Dentist 2]
[Dog Soldiers]
[Don't Mess With My Sister]
[Dr Gore]
[Dracula 2000]
[Drive In]
[Empire of the Ants]
[End of Days]
[Erotic Nights of the Living Dead]
[Evil Dead]
[Evil Dead 2]
[Evil Toons]
[Eyes of the Werewolf 3D]
[Final Destination]
[Final Destination 2]
[Flesh Eating Mothers]
[Fly, The]
[Fly 2, The]
[Food of the Gods]
[Forsaken, The]
[Freddy Vs Jason]
[Friday the 13th]
[Friday the 13th Part 2]
[Friday the 13th Part 3]
[Friday the 13th Part 4]
[Friday the 13th Part 5]
[Friday the 13th Part 6]
[Friday the 13th Part 7]
[Friday the 13th Part 8]
[Friday the 13th Part 9]
[Friday the 13th Part 10]
[From Hell]
[Ghosts of Mars]
[Gift, The]
[Ginger Snaps]
[Godzilla 2000]
[Godzilla '98]
[Granny, The]
[Halloween H2O]
[Halloween 8]
[Hellraiser 2]
[Hellraiser 3]
[Hellraiser 4]
[Hellraiser 5]
[Hellraiser 6]
[Hellraiser 7]
[Hellraiser 8]
[Hellraiser 9]
[Henry Potrait of a Serial Killer]
[Hollywood Strangler...]
[Horror Vision]
[House on Haunted Hill]
[Hunted, The]
[I Drink Your Blood]
[Ice Cream Man]
[Incrowd, The]
[Item, The]
[It's Alive]
[Jack Frost]
[Jack Frost 2]
[Jeepers Creepers]
[Joy Ride]
[Killer Party]
[Killer Workout]
[Kingdom of the Spiders]
[Land of the Dead]
[Land Lady, The]
[Last House on the Left, The]
[Leprechaun 4]
[Leprechaun 5]
[Letter From Death Row]
[Little Witches]
[Loved Ones, The]
[Mangler, The]
[Mangler 2]
[Maniac Cop]
[Mirror Mirror 2]
[Mother's Day]
[Night of the Creeps]
[Night of the Scarecrow]
[Nude for Satan]
[Others, The]
[Outing, The]
[Planet of the Apes]
[Pool, The]
[Prison of the Dead]
[Psycho II]
[Psycho III]
[Psycho IV]
[Pumpkinhead 2]
[Puppet Master The Legacy]
[Rawhead rex]
[Red Planet]
[Reign in Darkness]
[Retro Puppet Master]
[Return to Cabin by the Lake]
[Route 666]
[Scary Movie 2]
[Scream 3]
[Session 9]
[Shiek If You Know...]
[Silent Night, Deadly Night 2]
[Silent Night, Deadly Night 3]
[Silent Night, Deadly Night 4]
[Slaughter High]
[Slaughter House]
[Sleep Away Camp 3]
[Shadow of the Vampire]
[Skulls, The]
[Slumber Party Massacre 3]
[Some Guy Who Kills People]
[Sorority House Massacre]
[Species 2]
[Stake Land]
[Star Ship Troopers]
[Star Wars Eps 1]
[Star Wars Eps 2]
[St Francisville Experiment, The]
[Tales from the Hood]
[Teacher, The]
[Terror Tract]
[Thing, The]
[Tombs of the Blind Dead]
[Toxic Avenger]
[To Sleep With A Vampire]
[Trilogy of Terror]
[Troll 2]
[Uncle Sam]
[Unnamable 2]
[Urban Legends 2]
[Vampire Happening]
[Video Dead, The]
[Voodoo Dawn]
[War of the Worlds]
[War of the Worlds 2005]
[Warlock 3]
[Watcher, The]
[What Lies Beneath]
[Witch Craft 5]
[Wes Craven's New Nightmare]
[Zombie Chronicles 3D]
[Zombie Holocaust]

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