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"The closest you'll ever want to come to nuclear war"

This is a good review for all you Generation X Pups who probably haven't grown up with seeing the Emergency Broadcasting Service Tests during Saturday morning cartoons  and have no idea what the Cold War was. Being in my late 20's now, I couldn't go a day without hearing about the threat of nuclear war as I grew up in the late 70's and 80's. Seems that today's youth don't really understand the fears that everyone grew up with or realize that these weapons are still around, post-cold war, and are still a great a threat as they ever  were considering current world events. Iraq, North Korea, Iran and of course everyone's new found hatred for the Osbournes!!! Nuke that show please!

Threads is simply horrifying!!! Very realistic, unlike it's 1984'ish counter part the American made  'The Day After' which is a cake walk compared to threads which was created and aired on the British BBC station.  The movie is a sort of half documentary and half movie which follows the lives of two families which are brought together by the fact that one's family's son get the daughter of the other family pregant  and they decide to do the right thing by getting married. Of course, on the backburner of the movie, Nato has their  hands full with the USSR Red Army who have stockpiled nuclear weapons in Iran!!! The movie concentrates on the families  but also shows that no one can escape then news of the Americans trying to push the Russians out of Iran. Meanwhile, we are treated to maany facts about nuclear war via the movie's narrator and we are shown all the background events  of cities preparing for the nuclear threat by setting up secondary levels of governemt. No one thinks it will come to nuclear war but it does and we quickly see how ugly nuclear war is and how society as we know it  decays to nothingness.

You could break Threads into 3 peices. Pre-war, where life is grand and no one thinks  that it will come to nuclear war no matter how crazy everything seems to get, then we have the war(which  isn't bad considering it's a 1984 made for tv movie... effects are decent), and finally we have post-war  where everything we have known in life is gone! Everything from food supplies, communications, shelter, hospitals...etc!  For anyone who has seen Threads you will notice that the second half of the movie contains almost no dialogue! The characters have nothing to say. There is nothing!

Anyway I think everyone should see this film and realize what can happen in the event of nucear war. Turn off MTV or MuchMusic all the fake little candy-made world and open your eyes to what really matters in life! That being survival. In the end, none of the glitter, money or popularity matter. We're all human on the same planet and we're subject to the same consequences.

If you are having trouble finding this movie... go to download the software and  download Threads under dvdrips from sharereactor. It's worth it!

Henry's Comments

 "This really made me realize how fake today's world is! Jenny from the block, she use to have a little now the bitch has alot. But guess what? In the end it doesn't matter bitch now shut the fuck up!"