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Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :


"When the earth spits out the dead, they will rise to suck the blood of the living!"

A boat belong to a scientist is found floating off the coast of New York City. The Doctor was suppose to be on a research trip to a Caribean Island called Matul but never returned.  When the boat is searched there is no sign of the scientist but there happens to be a zombie on board!  Right off the bat we are treated to some Grade A Gore(GAG haha) when the authorities searching the boat are confronted by the zombie. The daughter of the scientist, Ann, takes a trip to the Island of Mutal with a journalist  and a couple of other yahoos to find out what has happened to her father. They meet up with a couple of scientists on the island and soon discover that there is a plague which is causing the dead to rise and go ape shit on the living!

Zombie(also known as Zombi2) starts off on the right foot but soon becomes extremely boring. I'd have to say that first 10 minutes and the last 10 minutes are outstanding but the rest will make you day dream about what your favorite 80's porno was... mine is Sex Shoot starring Traci Lords mmmm... Back to Zombie... the gore, when it  happens is terrific! We are treated to plenty of blood and guts! Not to mention some awesome looking zombies! My  favorite scene involves the rising on the handsome devil on the cover of the movie box and when some chick gets her eye punctured! Outstanding! Oh and the underwater zombie vs shark scene is hilarious! I can't say  I've ever seen that before.

I would recommend this movie for any hardcore fan of Lucio Fulci or anyone who is very patient. The rest of  us are going to be bored and not appreciate the long wait for the good stuff.

Henry's Comments

 "The fucking music in this sounded like a home porno movie gone bad!"