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Dead Alive(1993)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



 This is an awesome cheesy movie! If you want something off the wall funny and gorey as  hell then check Dead Alive out! You won't believe your eyes! Well unless you rent the censored version which seems to be in circulation in my area. Make sure you get the Director's Cut!  If you don't I would pass on the film because it is so heavily censored it actually makes no sense and of course it's not that gross or funny.

 Some of you may recall me having a review for Dead Alive here previously but it was old and very small so I decided to rent it again and repost my review. This is a personal favorite cheesy horror movie of mine. It has everything you need for a good nite  of laughs and gross outs with fellow friends.

 Movie starts with a group of people taking some sort of devil monkey from an island and bringing it back to a zoo where it will be displayed for the public. Only  problem is the monkey is quite crazy and very poisoness. When someone is bitten by the monkey they become a mindless zombie who attack humans and turn them also into zombies. The main guy(Timothy Balme) in the movie takes his girlfriend to the zoo and is followed by his over protective Mother who ends up being bitten by the monkey. She starts  to change into a zombie the next morning and it has some great gross moments! Skin falling off, bodily fluids oozing from her and much much more! She ends up bitten a nurse and in turn the nurse ends up bitting someone and so on and so on. Next thing you know the place is full of zombies! Timothy Balme ends up locking them all in his basement for the time being  until his evil uncle comes over and discovers what is going on. The Uncle claims the house as his since the Mother is no longer 'alive' and throws a big party.  The zombies all end up escaping from the basement during the party and this begins a  very messy scene where all the guests become zombies. I won't give the rest of it away.  Let's just say it ends very messy and keeps you wanting more!

 There are some really good funny scenes in this movie! Watch  for the Mother's funeral, the house party, cemetary scene and walking the baby in the park scenes!  I highly recommend it to anyone who loves off beat horror.

Henry's  Comments

  "Oh yeah! Fire up the lawnmower it's time to mow the party guests!"