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He's here...


Bow down and kiss the feet of Ricky Caldwell

Are you ready for the second coming? Are you ready to be face to face with pure crap? Say your prayers because he is coming and you had better be ready! He is the one who the holy writings refer to as The Untalented One. Centuries ago Moses(or whoever the hell it was) brought forth the 10 Comandments...little do most people know there is an 11th! "Thou shalt not worship the Untalented one on the Holy day"...well we here at HMTS have broken the 11th comandment and now he is coming for us all!!!

Move over Jason...beat it Fred...thanks for coming out Mr. Myers...Ricky Caldwell kicks all of your asses! Go rent Silent Night Dealy Night 2 to see for yourself the King of shit movies! His performance in part 2 is nothing but spectacular! This movie has changed the face of HMTS! It's too bad the same Ricky was not in parts 3 and 4 but oh well...part 2 was more then enough of Ricky for one life time. The world isn't ready for back to back movies by him. I dare everyone to rent Silent Night Deadly Night 2 and give me there reaction. I want feedback!


Ricky Caldwell is the undisputed king of crap! All bow down to the new religion!


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